Brown’s Arcade


Brown’s Arcade consists of four early 19th century brick row houses located on Charles Street, just north of Baltimore’s central business district, and just south of the Mount Vernon Historic Landmark District. Architect Henry Brauns redesigned the row of buildings in 1904 into the original Brown’s Arcade, which stretched from Charles Street west to Saratoga Street.

Originally designed as row houses in 1820, Brown’s Arcade was converted into office suites in 1916 by Governor Brown. The 20,488 SF property was previously a mixture of retail and office space with a unique indoor atrium that is beautifully landscaped, and which allows an abundance of sunlight into the area. A grand skylight fills the top level with sunlights and gives it a spacious feeling. GL Capital is converting vacant office space into one-of-a-kind apartments, overlooking the atrium. Capitalizing on the renaissance of Downtown Baltimore, GL Capital looks to restore this historic icon.

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